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Professional Sites

How to Set Up and Start a Successful Contracting Business

Hiring Your First Employee

Making Benchmarks More Personal

10 Steps to Achieving Work-Life Balance: Small Business Edition

How to Choose the Right Bank for Your Small Business

Identifying Potential Tax Scams

12 Small Business Tax Deductions

9 Steps to Starting a Business


The national and professional organization for all Certified Public Accountants. The AICPA provides its members with the valued resources to allow them to provide the necessary services in the professional filed of accounting.

Government Sites

U.S. Business Advisor

Professional Sites

• Starting a Business Checklist


Stay updated on the latest accounting events affecting both New Jersey and the nation.

Government Sites

Library of Congress

Professional Sites


AIPB acknowledges bookkeepers as accounting professionals, who are up-to-date on the latest bookkeeping, accounting, and tax revisions. AIPB answers questions regarding everyday bookkeeping and accounting questions, and certifies bookkeepers who meet high, national standards.

Government Sites

U.S. Small Business Administration

Business Expenses

The Social Security Administration

Professional Sites

The Motley Fool Tax Center

Government Sites

The Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration web site. This is a great place to request earnings reports or to ask questions about Social Security.

U.S. Treasury Service

One of the most frequently visited sites in America. The Internal Revenue Service has more than you would ever want to know regarding taxes.

Federal Trade Commission

Tax Information For Businesses

US Government Search

Tax Guide for Small Business


This site allows access into NJ's various topics of accounting and taxation.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration